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We share a natural passion for cooking and desire for making others happy through food.

About Café Las Américas

Colombians share a natural passion for cooking and desire for making others happy through food. Recipes and culinary techniques are passed down from generation to generation. This creates a great sense of pride when preparing and serving traditional meals.

Alvaro Gonzalez

A love of our culture and eagerness to share it with others is what drives us. That’s why the idea was born over 40 years ago to bring Colombian food to the GTA. My husband and the founder, a Colombian named Alvaro Gonzalez, quickly captivated new customers with his authentic way of cooking.

In our early days, we had a simple menu of Colombian basics; black pudding, Colombian empanadas, and meals requested for parties. Our popularity grew rapidly as word got out about our authentic offerings. Our menu evolved to meet the needs of our loyal customers, and we realized we needed a space that could grow with us.

25 years ago, Café Las América opened its doors at Jane & Wilson in Toronto. We’ve since moved to 2260 Keele St, North York, Ontario where we currently reside. We still serve up the classics we became known for, but have expanded our menu to ensure everyone can find a dish they’ll love. If you’d like to learn more about the foods we serve and their histories, you can check out our menu here.

Café Las Américas today

We continue cooking our food with the same passion, traditions, and authenticity that we did 40 years ago. We take food safety just as important as flavour which is why we go above and beyond on all local food hygiene guidelines. All the foods served at Café Las América are 100% handmade and have the same fresh, flavourful Colombian taste you’d get at a restaurant in Colombia. We use only the best ingredients and believe that eating at Café Las América is about more than the food; it’s an experience. That’s why we prioritize a friendly, inviting atmosphere that allows us to share our Colombian culture with you.

Café Las América has been a part of the community for 40+ years, bringing true Colombian taste to the Greater Toronto Area. We’d love you to be a part of our next chapter. Please come on by and see what has customers returning decade after decade.